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Stone and brick veneer solutions for your home’s facade

| September 13, 2012 | Comments (0)

Canyon Stone Canada offers multiple stone and brick solutions for your home’s facade and interior walls

Natural stone is lovely but certainly has limitations given its weight and cost.  As a result, Canadian consumers have demanded more choice with regard to dressing their interior and exterior walls and the market has responded.  Over the years, new products like faux stone, natural stone veneer, and brick veneer have become more available and been produced in an ever-increasing range of textures and colours to meet consumer demand.

When consumers investigate different types of stone products, they may not immediately understand the differences between them given the different brands and nicknames of these products.  However, there is a difference and each product has pros and cons for different applications.  Below is a brief description of these various products and examples of typical applications.

Natural Stone

“Natural” stone is often collected and cut to a thickness of 3.5” and more (full bed).  Due to the weight of this product, it requires a footer or ledge.  Natural stone is most often used in new construction.

Canyon Stone Fieldstone: Driftwood

Canyon Stone Fieldstone: Driftwood

Faux Stone

Faux stone has been referred to as manufactured stone, artificial stone, or even man-made stone.   Patterned from real stone, its appearance truly mimics natural stone.  A chief benefit of faux stone is its weight, and it does not require a footer or ledge for installation.

Canyon Stone’s particular handcrafted manufactured stone product is made with high quality materials including portland cement, light-weight aggregates, mineral oxide colouring, micro-silica and other additives to produce a realistic texture in a variety of popular colours.  It is between 1.5 “and 2” thick and weighs approximately 7.5 pounds per square foot.  It is often used for interior or exterior renovations.  These faux stones have all of the expected beauty of real stone, but are quite economical in comparison to natural stone.

Natural Stone Veneer

Natural Stone Veneer is real stone that has been machine cut to be somewhere between 1” and 1.5” thick. It can be joined together into shapes that make it relatively easy to install.  This thin decorative stone is lighter than full bed natural stone weighing between 9 and 13.5 pounds per square foot.

Natural Stone veneer can be applied over various substrates (refer to the local building codes for specific applications).  Like faux stone, real stone veneers are relatively light and easy to install and provide consumers with the inherent beauty of real stone for those who want real stone, without the weight of full bed natural stone.

Canyon Stone Canada Antique Brick: Old Toronto 114

Brick Veneer

The same principles that apply to stone can also be applied to manufactured brick veneer.  Brick veneer weighs less than a full brick and is moulded to a thickness of approximately ¾ of an inch.  It saves space, particularly for interior applications, and is easier to install than regular brick.  Brick veneer also comes in a variety of colours for either interior or exterior wall applications for your home or business.

Canyon Stone Canada Inc carries a wide variety of manufactured stone, natural stone veneer and brick veneer products in a wide array of colours. Visit one of our dealer showrooms to see our varied product lines and ask about our 50-year limited warranty.  To locate a Canadian dealer near you, contact us.




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